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Welcome to the New and Improved Archaeology in Annapolis WebGIS (updated again 12/06/13).

Please look around and explore some of the new functionality.

1. The Draw and Measure tool and the ability to save your work and email it to others to import into the viewer on their end is still in the latest version.

2. The Indentify tool and the hyperlink ability of several of the datasets is still available

3. The Extended search tool and the ability to graphically select items and to do spatial searches also includes hyperlink ability as well.

4. The Google Street View Tool allows you to link to google street view images based on user specified location on data.

5. A hidden table can be brought up to quickly select/identify Archaeology sites and/or parcels to then utilize the identify and search tool.

6. A print tool is available as well.

You can learn about these tools by clicking on the Tools and Tutorial link up at the left or follow any of the links above


Click here to contact administrator with issues, glitches or suggestions.

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This Webgis does require that you have a flash player plugin for your browser. It should prompt you with a flash plugin viewer if you do not currently have one installed.

If you have any problems, lease contact the WebGIS adminsitrator with any problems you encounter.

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